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 I need a place to vent. Is that the right word? I wont be doing much explaining, just complaining.

I don't really know what I am supposed to say. Normally when people ask what's wrong I can give them something. I can pick out of something, and tell them that's what's wrong and it'll be fine, because technically that's sort of what is wrong. I just need somewhere where I can say I how I feel without explaining the reason as to why I feel like I feel. I mean there's just so much going wrong, a lot of it I don't even think I could explain if asked, so it's all mushed. I'm unsure if really there's anything wrong, but I'v never felt so empty before...yet also like my stomach is full up with nots. It's stupid. My mind is all clouded up and I can't even relax or think or read...or barely even type this thing without it already boring me let alone anyone bored enough beforehand to read this anyway. I just wish it was over...I don't know what 'it' is, but I know that I hate what it is and I want it to be over and and...It's stupid. I'm stupid. I'm going now. This didn't really help, it's like when I try to explain anything, feelings anall...nothing happens. I can't even do it properly.