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 Two of my all time favourite ships, happen to be something so rare that I find it hard to find anyone who agrees with me on them (there's definitely more than two shows/two ships, but my main ones)

First we'll go with Torchwood's Jack/Gwen (now I know nobody reads my thingys, but if you do...and you don't like Jack/Gwen...don't worry...don't comment...I seriously will not know the difference ;__;). It was there, oh christ on a bike it was there, from the first episode.. it was screaming "UST" even when Jack was all "Ianto you're my bitch now" ('cause for the first two series, that's all Ianto was, don't deny *shakes fist*) but yes, it was there... For example, top of my head, the episode Meat in series two. Now... that was dripping with "they want to be on eachother" - the scene that sticks out the most is the last scene, where Gwen goes back to the hub and is all "I won't make him forget la la laaa" and Jacks all "bitch you got to" and then she says that she'll have to take a retcon and he's all teary eyed and he's all "You really think you could go back to your old life before Torchwood?" then she's all "...I wouldn't know anything different." and then he's all intense stare "I would." GUHH. YOU SEE FELLOW HUMANS. Their relationship had substance where Jack/Ianto had... no offence at all... the whole "Power to the people, we're different" thing about them... It didn't actually develop into anything more than sex until inbetween series one and two, when the fangirls and media hyped up the fact the show had a gay couple. Now that's not to say the radio plays weren't adorable... but my heart was set, from episode one... badda bing... Jack/Gwen, I cannot see past it, not even the fact Rhys is adorable or the fact Ianto was cute. Even g'old RTD and co. said that J/G's relationship was something important to the show and something that couldn't be rushed... That was series 2 time... I just feel lonely sometimes when I say go on Torchwood Forum and if you don't have an obscene amount of love for the Janto, you've got no place there. *sighs* Plus with Torchwood coming back, I've got a stomach crunching feeling that the TWF will turn into the anti-Torchwood-series4-forum just because of Ianto. (and I loved him, but...)

And onto my next favourite ship that never was...that never sailed, if you will. My favourite show, from the age of about seven, was Buffy (still hits my top five shows at the rank of about 3, which is because it's amazing) Now, when I was younger, being of the age of 7 I just knew three things, I like Angel, I love Buffy, I love Giles. I didn't realize until being older and much more understanding that I wanted Giles and Buffy to become one (if you'll uh pardon the term) and Angel to just brood over Buffy forever, because Buffy, to me, is amazing...and Giles is too (yano, plus he's absolutely gorgeous!!) Rewatching Buffy not that long ago, it hit me like a tone of bricks how much they should've been together...or at least how much I saw that they should've been together. I mean, ignoring the father-talks here and there, you can definitely see it...or at least I could... (a good example, and a well used one Prom..guh the near dance - you can't deny he was going to ask her before poopy angel came - and the whole of it really) I don't know why I can see it, I just do...is it because I'm a young woman and through this I can picture myself in Buffys place? Maybe. Is it because I'm an older man and I want to get down on it, with Buffy? Possibly. Is it because for me, it's there screaming? YES! I love it. Always will, I think... again, quite lonely (I think there's a chance I've read every fic about them, and I LOVE it) but it's fine because those who do see it too, are going to all marry me.

So yeah, that's my rant... I feel good, no to go look at some pictures of very well done photoshopped Giles/Buffy and cry my shippy self to sleep. LOVES!!


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Jul. 16th, 2010 05:21 am (UTC)
What I love, like, fall down writhing on the floor love about Giles and Buffy is their absolute, heart-breaking tragedy. And I'm always attracted to my tragic romances, because it stirs something so deep within. (Probably some psychologist somewhere can come up with some syndrome, I don't know.)

But what separates Giles/Buffy from the rest (and don't get me wrong, Giles/Jenny holds a special place in my heart too, which I believed that that tragedy (her demise) was needed for Giles to learn of his place) is that they are fated. They are both unwillingly propelled into each others worlds, by their respective callings.

And they hate it. They hate the power they have over each other and unintentionally hurt each other and keep hurting each other. And they are scared...so so scared of each other. But they are drawn and bound to each other. In the end, they are all they have, and in the end, they are what each other needs to SURVIVE. It's them against the world and no matter what, they will always find each other, in the end.

And I think, in some way, they know of their love. Know the extent and the power of it. But I think they see it as a weakness, instead of harnessing it as a power. So they keep each other at bay, with these feelings unmentioned, thinking that ignoring them will leave them stagnant until they simmer into nothingness. But I think that them leaving it untouched just causes their destiny to seethe with power.

And yes, I love the tragedy of romances, but I do like a happy ending too! Hehe.

And I ramble, by the way. A lot. And if you could see me, I type furiously on the keyboard, pausing to vocalize my thoughts and speak with my hands - flails and finger-extending and crinkling gestures because my thoughts and bursts of jumbled and flighty whispers.

It's quite chaotic in there.
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